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Introducing Breaking Through Wooroloo

Having interviewed 1000s of reintegrating individuals, presented in prison for the past 6 years and employed more than 200 candidates, we understand how important it is to get justice-affected candidates working as quickly as possible post-release. Often delays in employment can be the catalyst to thrust individuals back into the cycle of incarceration. While a delay is not a fatal failure, it can often be perceived that way. A bump along what seemed to be a flat road. In combat of this challenge, we’ve developed a pathway to employment focused on developing the necessary resilience, belief and skills needed for long-term success in the mining industry.


Introducing Breaking Through Wooroloo. A training and employment pathway into the mining and resource industry. Developed from 6 years of insights, and in collaboration with the Department of Justice Western Australia, Yalagan Registered Training Organisation and Workskill Australia, Breaking Through develops the relevant psychological, behavioural, social, and cultural factors within each individual to promote successful reintegration and long-term career success. We work with the individuals to outline and mitigate barriers that often send them back into the cycle of incarceration. All this is conducted with one objective in mind, to build a stable pathway from incarceration into long-term employment as close to release as possible.

Reboot Australia delivering reintegration information to a classroom of prisoners


The first intake of Breaking Through graduated a couple of weeks back. 10 men planned every aspect of their specific reintegration journey and completed the following training;

  • RII20520 Certificate II in Resource Processing -

    • RIIWHS201E - Work Safely & Follow WHS Policies

    • RIICOM201E - Communicate in the Workplace

    • MSMSUP101 - Clean Workplace or Equipment

    • BSBTWK301 - Use Inclusive Work Practices

    • RIIVEH305F - Operate & Maintain a 4wd

    • RIIRIS201E - Conduct Local Risk Control

    • RIISAM212E - Service Mine Plant & Equipment

    • BSBSUS211 - Participate in Sustainable Work Practises

    • RIGOV201E - Comply With Site Work Processes/Procedures

    • RIIRTM203E - Work as a Safety Observer/ Spotter

  • RIWHS204E - Working Safely at Heights Ticket

  • RIHAN301E - Operate a boom-type Elevate Work Platform

  • RIWHS202E - Enter and work in Confined Spaces

  • MSMWHS217 - Gas Test Atmospheres

  • HLTAID009/HLTAID011 - Provide First Aid & CPR

  • CPPFES2005 Demonstrate First Attack Firefighting

  • CPCWHS1001 Construction White Card

  • Full mine spec pre-employment medical - Spiro, audio & musc fit

  • LAB D&A


What isn’t seen on a statement of attainment or transcript is the personal change of each man. Many began lacking the belief that they could complete a program like this, residing to the fact that they would likely end up back inside. I don’t hold out much hope for myself once released. In jail is where I am the best version of myself, it usually all goes downhill when I’m released” Harley – Participant of Breaking Through Intake 1. Throughout the 12-week program, participants change in front of our eyes. Harley has since moved his family away from the negative influences, completed the training with flying colours, is engaged in doing everything he can to find and hold down work and delivered a speech to employers and attendees of the graduation that brought himself and others to tears. Change in this scale was seen within all participants.

Reboot Australia delivering reintegration employment session in Worro

Breaking Through is built on real training for real jobs. 10 fantastic employers attended the in-prison graduation at Woorolooo Prison Farm on Tuesday 12th March. Taken through an overview of the program, Employers heard from Anthony MacShane – Founder of Reboot Australia, Larry Smith - Assistant Director of Prisoner Employment Programs & Transitional Services, Deputy Commissioner - Andrew Beck, Glen Goodwin Superintendent of Wooroloo Prison Farm, Head Trainer Yalagan RTO - Paul Bennett, and the fantastic group of graduates.


Taken back by the level of engagement from the participants and their skill sets, multiple employers have been conducting video call interviews with the graduates pre-release. Another huge milestone for reintegration of employment at large.


This week graduates participated in educating individuals signed up for intake two on the power and impact of the program, their experiences and the journey they are now on. Intake 2 will be graduating on the 12th of July. To be a part of it, or to learn more reach out directly to


To The Department of Justice Western Australia particularly Wooroloo Prison Farm, Yalagan Registered Training Organisation and Workskill Australia – thank you for giving as much as you have to bring this program to life. We’ve thrown the first stone, now it’s time to watch the ripples create generational change.


About Reboot Australia

Reboot Australia is a social enterprise Reintegration Employment company specialising in mentoring and employment for justice affected across WA, VIC, NSW and QLD. Closing the gap between industry and incarceration, we provide holistic candidate-centric support to build the resilience needed to create a life free of crime. Working in all industries across Australia, if you’re looking to hire someone with a record or find work with a record, get in touch via our Business Development Manager or register here.


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