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We can provide funded traineeships designed at skilling ex-offenders & long term unemployed specific to your training needs.


Employment provides those reintegrating with a platform to be build key factors for a successful life post release. It develops social and human capital - the trust from the community and yourself to do what you say/what is asked of you - a key element in social contracts.

The responsibility of employment provides income, creates a new network/community, in turn creating a new identity and further creating desistance.

So whether you are looking for an alternative source of candidates amidst a national skills shortage, to use government funding to create a stream of skilled candidates or simply want to offer second-chance opportunities, we are the tried and tested company to help you do it. 

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We are here to co-create a relationship that meets your commercial needs. Whether you employ 1 or 100 candidates, every employment outcome matters.

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