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Pre-release reintegration employment framework

Reboot Australia's programs focus on building the relevant social, cultural, psychological and behavioural factors to increase desistance. We provide throughcare mentoring, industry-relevant education and employer tailored training pre and post-release to increase the likelihood of successful reintegration.


We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel. That’s too much work, and frankly, we don’t have to. Reintegration requires a network of support services and opportunities supported by employers. The services are there, so instead of duplicating existing services, Reboot Australia is the conduit between them all, making reintegration as simple as possible for candidates, support services and employers.

Throughout 4 years of reintegration employment experience, we've developed a framework for identifying talent/candidates in prison and assisting those indentified to break the cyclical nature of incarceration. Working with candidates in prison allows us time to build trust, understand their unique situation and outline the key actions to achieve successful employment outcomes post-release.

Below are the services Reboot Australia provides both candidates and employers to close the gap between industry and those leaving incarceration to create lasting benefits for all parties. 



Reboot Academy

A reintegration and throughcare employment program designed to guide prisoners through every stage of the reintegration process, connecting all support services, reintegration tasks and employment outcomes into one actionable plan. Working with candidates in-prison,  we guide them through a 3 phase, 8-stage program helps participants see a future beyond their record to create a life free of crime.

Reboot Academy

Reintegration Traineeship

Reboot Australia’s Reintegration Traineeship closes the gap between employers and those leaving incarceration. Led by industry needs, we work with employers to outline their training and personnel requirements to co-create a unique traineeship with direct employment outcomes. Supported by trained/lived experience mentors, we provide throughcare mentoring through all stages of reintegration for each candidate and employer. Each candidates training is covered through Workforce Australia funding to cover any training costs for candidates.


Labour hire & Recruitment

Whether you are looking for one candidate or 100, we are here to help. We provide skilled and unskilled candidates to many industries throughout WA, QLD and VIC. Our candidates are engaged, want to work and are committed & supported to the change they are embarking on.

Industry Specific Traineeships
Career Development & Advice
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